Visual Conversations with Mike Beard

Visual Conversations | Visual Scribing

The Thought

In this Thought-to-Anchor Visual Conversation process, Mike Beard, a brilliant therapist for positive change and I engaged in conversations that dug deep into the principles of his therapeutic approach.

The Shape

Over a series of Skype-conversations, we gave shape and found the right words for him to describe the essence of his work. In a wonderfully productive back and forth, he sent me scribbles of how he saw his process and I responded with my sketches until we found the three aspects of his work that were most important to him at the time and which he wanted to communicate more.

The images I created served for his inner orientation.

    "The [former] strap line for Michele’s website states ‘I help you see the way you think’, and (although deceptively simple) that’s exactly what work with Michele enables. There is a dynamism and creative energy to conversations with Michele; a rather wonderful form of ‘catalytic alchemy’ that enables you to find and see the things you’ve never considered - or have been previously unaware of.  Her unique combination of skills and understanding around psychology and design provide a fabulously visual objectivity to any thinking process, that in itself creates opportunities for further vision, ideas and development.  And above all, work with Michele never seems like ‘work’; it’s a fun and ‘playful’ process that creates (rather than uses) energy in a way that has a real sense of ease and ‘flow’ about it.  A delightful, highly valuable and life-affirming experience."

    Mike Beard

    former Joint Interim Headteacher, Plymouth School of Creative Arts