SPD Kreativpakt Project

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The Thought

The Kreativpakt-Project brings together creatives, politicians and the industry to improve the circumstances of the creative industry in Germany. Iniated by the German SPD-Bundestagsfraktion, representatives of all three groups came together in conversations and debates and agreed on six claims for the creative industry. My client, the SPD-Bundestagsfraktion asked me to be present throughout the process, take visual notes and visualise the conversations and results.

The Shape

Over the course of a year, I attended the work meetings of the Kreativpakt-Project with pen and paper in my hand. From my visual notes I created illustrations that supported the statements of the Kreativpakt postulates and made their way into the printed Kreativpakt-brochure.

The Kreativpakt Brochure

Visual Notes

"Michele Gauler understands how to turn complex thoughts into clear and memorable illustrations. She has brought in her skills as a psychologist as well as a designer. By doing so, she has impressed politicians, business people and artists who all are involved in our project in equal measure. We will enjoy to continue to work with her in the future because we value both her professionalism and her creativity enormously."

Siegmund Ehrmann

MdB, SPD Bundestagsfraktion