Visual Scribing*

* also known as Graphic Recording, Sketchnoting or Process-Illustration

I create images that make your process of change and growth visible to you, your team and others.

Process illustrations support you on your path because they

  • make your thoughts visible,
  • provide orientation,
  • create clarity and cohesion and
  • are appealing material for communicating your progress and insights.

For you, your clients, your team, your community, your tribe and your organisation.

Imagine having…

Your conversations in eye-catching and memorable images

Your progress & insights made visible

Anchor images for your process

An emerging visual identity for your team

Engaging images for your communication

My clients have included 9to90projects, Audi, B:TRANSFORMATION, CO[13], diffferent, Porsche, SAP, The School of Life, The Science Museum London, SPD Sozialdemokratische Partei Deutschland and T-Systems.

Visual Scribing Examples

The people I work for

I love my clients! – They are marvellous, open-minded and inspired people who I just enjoy working with.

My Clients come from…

  • All kinds of industries such as Technology, Automotive, Transport, Energy, Healthcare, Fashion, Design,…
  • Science and Education
  • Social enterprises
  • Politics
  • The public sector

My Clients are…

  • Coaches & Consultants
  • Innovation experts
  • Leaders
  • Teachers
  • People in HR & marketing roles
  • Design Thinking Experts
  • Tech and Business People
  • Artists & Scientists
  • Individuals, Teams & Organisations

My Clients are also…

  • Visionary
  • Enthusiastically driven to make a change for the better
  • Lovers of humanity
  • Lovers of beauty
  • Creative in their actions
  • Thinking in possibilities
  • Aware of the power of creative methods

Over the years, I’ve had the pleasure to work for and with (amongst others): 9to90projects Communication, Consulting, Strategy, ART+COM Interactive Media, Audi (for diffferent), bau+art Individuelle Moebelproduktion Berlin, Beau LottoCO13 Systemic Consulting, Cornelsen Verlag School Books, Teaching Materials, Deutsche Telekom Telecommunications and Information Technology Service, diffferent Strategy Agency, DZ Bank International Banking Services, Eclipse Experience User Experience Services (for KPMG and Orange Mobile), The Futures Company / Yankelovich Trends and Futures Consulting, Scott Hartop Frontier Markets, Lee Klabin Luxury Fashion Designer, Lab of Misfits (formerly Lottolab Studio) Perception, Science, Art, Public Engagement (at the Science Museum London and at the Wellcome Trust London), David Marx, The Science Kitchen, molecular ice cream, food, innovation, Marina Os Development of Creative Businesses and Brands, Naming Elephants Social Enterprise for Positive Change, openXchange open-source collaboration software, The Oslo School of Architecture and Design AHO, The Plymouth School of Creative Arts, Porsche (for diffferent), Eva Prietz Consultant and Executive Coach, The Royal College of Art Innovation & Enterprise, Education, SAP Business Management Software Solutions, Applications and Services, The School of Life BerlinSPD BundestagsfraktionSchulze And Webb, now BERG Design Consultancy, The Science Practice Speculative Design

What People Say about Working With Me

"Michele Gauler understands how to turn complex thoughts into clear and memorable illustrations. She has brought in her skills as a psychologist as well as a designer. By doing so, she has impressed politicians, business people and artists who all are involved in our project in equal measure. We will enjoy to continue to work with her in the future because we value both her professionalism and her creativity enormously."

Siegmund Ehrmann

MdB, SPD Bundestagsfraktion

"It is inspiring how Michele Gauler has supported the process of realignment and has contributed to arriving at a clarity about our goals with her illustrations. She listens and draws... visualises what she hears and perceives... and as a result brings clarity to the core of the matter. She succeeds in expressing the underlying essence and putting it into images which can become crucial for ongoing communication in the organisation – if wanted."

Eva Prietz

Strategy, Consulting, Coaching, 9to90projects GmbH

"Michele Gauler’s graphic recording of our workshop has not just enriched our workshop in the sense of having a documentation – more than that, we benefit on the long run from the clarity with which her illustrations capture the essence from the large amount of information. The aesthetic of her drawings turns words into statements with meaning."

Petra Meyer

former SAP Organisational Development, Lead of the Design thinking ecosystem, Petra Meyer Consulting

"Michele Gauler offered a well thought-through variety of creative ideas for the design of our crucial workshops. I want to say, they fascinatingly were ‘tangible metaphers’. They got right to the point of the communication we want to engage in with our customers and internal colleagues. [...] The participants of the workshop as well as the stakeholders were thrilled. Ms Gauler stood out with her extensive service in preparation and during the follow-up activities of the different project phases. [...] With great pleasure and confidence, I can recommend Ms. Gauler as a competent, inspiring and very professional facilitator of creative product development."

Christoph Link

former Product Development Lead Media at Cornelsen Verlag, Christoph Link // Copy Editing & Project Management Berlin

"The [former] strap line for Michele’s website states ‘I help you see the way you think’, and (although deceptively simple) that’s exactly what work with Michele enables. There is a dynamism and creative energy to conversations with Michele; a rather wonderful form of ‘catalytic alchemy’ that enables you to find and see the things you’ve never considered - or have been previously unaware of.  Her unique combination of skills and understanding around psychology and design provide a fabulously visual objectivity to any thinking process, that in itself creates opportunities for further vision, ideas and development.  And above all, work with Michele never seems like ‘work’; it’s a fun and ‘playful’ process that creates (rather than uses) energy in a way that has a real sense of ease and ‘flow’ about it.  A delightful, highly valuable and life-affirming experience."

Mike Beard

former Joint Interim Headteacher, Plymouth School of Creative Arts

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