My Different for the CO13 annual event

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The Thought

Every year, my client, the systemic consulting agency CO[13] who are by the way amazing at seeing and doing things differently, create an intimate and thought-provoking event for their clients. In 2014 the theme of their annual event was “Different”. They asked me to talk about my Digital Remains project during the event as well as come up with a creative format that would engage their clients with the part of them that is different from others.

The Shape

I set up a manual photo booth and did speed interviews with each participant of the event where I asked them about ‘their different’ in them. We had wonderful conversations and after each conversation, I visualised what I had heard and at the end of the event gave each of them their individual ‘My Different’-portrait.

I set up a ‘photo booth’ for interviewing and drawing ‘the different’ in 25 participants over the course of a day.

Photographs by Björn Reißmann
(Björn, I couldn’t find your website to link to, do contact me if you want me to link to your site!)