Isometric Shops – Tangible Workshop

Process Support | Visual and Tangible Workshops

The Thought

Christoph Link, product lead for digital content at Cornelsen Verlag and his team were working on making their content available in a most useful way for teachers. They as a team wanted to gain clarity and jointly structure and package their content.

The Shape

I suggested a visual and tangible workshop that offered different ways of thinking about their content by making use of three shop metaphors:

  • a petrol station metaphor for ‘quick access’
  • a supermarket metaphor for ‘sorted self-service’
  • a restaurant metaphor for ‘menus’.

The visual materials I created for the workshop were designed with an isometric perspective so a simple illusion of a 3D-shop could be created.

"Michele Gauler offered a well thought-through variety of creative ideas for the design of our crucial workshops. I want to say, they fascinatingly were ‘tangible metaphers’. They got right to the point of the communication we want to engage in with our customers and internal colleagues. [...] The participants of the workshop as well as the stakeholders were thrilled. Ms Gauler stood out with her extensive service in preparation and during the follow-up activities of the different project phases. [...] With great pleasure and confidence, I can recommend Ms. Gauler as a competent, inspiring and very professional facilitator of creative product development."

Christoph Link

former Product Development Lead Media at Cornelsen Verlag, Christoph Link // Copy Editing & Project Management Berlin