Lab Books for the i,scientist Programme at the Science Museum

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The Thought

In 2010, 20 students from four schools aged five to 14 engaged in the i,scientist project. It was created by Beau Lotto, Dave Strudwick and Mike Beard and took place at Beau Lotto’s lottolab (now Lab of Misfits) at the Science Museum in London. The i,scientist programme aimed to change the kids’ perspective of science and of themselves, building a passion and excitement for not knowing.

The Shape

I supported the programme by creating ‘lab books’ for the kids that were modular and could be individualised. I showed my own notebooks and explained how scientists over the ages have used notebooks to give shape to their thinking.

I was wonderful to see creatively the lab books were used and became a real work tool for discovery.

Scientists and their
lab books

The i,scientist programme gave the kids invisible wings ;)