Visual Conversation Process with Beau Lotto

Visual Conversations | Visual Scribing

The Thought

These are some random pictures from my conversation process with Beau Lotto, that started in 2008 and went on over a few years. This was one of the very first instances of me having ‘Visual Conversations’ with people to extract the essence of what they are about. (Hence the rather bad quality of pictures I took, not realising at the time that this would become my ‘signature’ service that I can give to people.)

The Shape

The process really unfolded by itself when I started conversations with Beau. The materials and formats intuitively took shape.

  • I for instance felt inspired to print all his ideas and projects onto post-its in order for us to be able to cluster and discuss them.
  • I scribbled structures of his thinking onto my glass desk with a whiteboard marker so we could talk about it during a video call.
  • I created mock-ups of his philosophy with annotated photographs to give him some initial visual tools for communicating his thoughts to others.

For him, I guess (and hope ;), this was one step in his process of defining and refining what he does and stands for.