What I can do for you

for your Process

with individuals, teams and organisations

By weaving into your process visual and creative methods that engage, focus and touch people, I support you in creating the change you want to make.

Whether you coach, consult, teach, innovate or lead – I offer visual and design-led methods that give shape to the contents of your process for everyone involved. The core of your conversations, work results and intentions become visible and easy to remember and refer to. Your process of innovation, transformation or learning goes deeper and reaches joint clarity and action.

The methods I apply to give shape to the thoughts of teams and organisations are:

  • Graphic Recording
    during a workshop or conversation
  • Visual Notes of a Coaching Session or Conversation and a resulting Anchor Illustration for you or your client
  • Design and facilitation of
    Tangible and Visible Workshops
  • Design of Public Engagement formats
  • Design Output like illustrations, training materials, signage or team spaces that comes to the point of your matter and invites engagement

My intention for any of these methods is not to simply make workshops pretty or create minutes of meeting for them but to go deep, carve out what is essential and include everyone involved along the way.

Visual Conversations
with Design Output

with individuals
and leadership teams

By having shaping visual conversations with me that give you clarity about your thinking and your (life’s) work and by receiving from me the essence of your intention as a visual anchor, created for you , you deeply root your intention in you and become crystal clear in your words, priorities and actions. – You become the leader of your change.

In two to three intense and very visual/tangible conversations, I listen to you deeply and make sense of your thinking and approach with images and words. By doing so, you can see your thinking and intentions, shape them and reach clarity.

The anchor that I create for you throughout this process, that is, the visible result of our coming together, takes on a unique and bespoke form for every client of mine. A typical and very powerful outcome is an image or one image with supporting images, a book, concise words or something that could be described as an individual piece of art.

In the first instance, this design output is for your own inner anchoring, clarity and inspiration. In further steps we can talk about whether you want this inner anchor to become material for your outer communication, for instance as images for your website, print materials or content for your online and offline marketing.

Thought-to-Anchor conversations also work for sharpening and writing out or designing a concept or pitch.


Conscious U*
Online Trainings
for Cultural Change


I am co-founder of Conscious U*, an online-training company.

We address the human side of digitalisation with blended-learning online trainings to create the foundation for the transformation you want for your organisation.

It is becoming more and more apparent that the much desired ‘New Work’ and digital transformation first and foremost demands inner work from everyone involved for it to work.

  • Self-awareness,
  • self-compassion,
  • ownership and
  • the ability for dialogue

are prerequisites for thriving  in the landscape of digitalisation and New Work. Yet, these competencies do not just appear in people out of nowhere, they are advanced human behaviours that need to be learned and trained by every person in your organisation on a continual basis.

But how to make this widespread, deep transformation happen in your organisation?

Our trainings are made to do exactly this inner work. They are designed to reach everyone in your organisation and are not one of those online courses you take and forget after a month. They actually change how you relate to each other, take agile action together and become a Conscious Tribe.

Find out about the scalable trainings for cultural change from Conscious U*.


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