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Art Prints & Prints on Products

Get art prints of my art and illustration, as well as print-on-demand products, such as cards, stickers, mugs, t-shirts, etc that feature my artwork.

I currently offer art prints and print-on-demand products via:

Society6 Logo

Society6 do individually designed art for your home – art prints, home & office decor, and also apparel, bags, mugs, stickers, etc. – the range is wonderful and wide :)

I use them to offer my art as art prints and also to put my designs on notebooks, tote bags, stickers and more. – Let me know if there is a design of mine that you would like to see in a particular format or on a particular product!

Society6 is based in the U.S., the .com version of my Society6 shop therefore has the widest selection of prints and products. In the German and other international versions of my Society6 shop, you will see a reduced selection of products that are available for the specific countries. Check, if my design & product is available in your country to cut out costs for customs and shipment.

(with a smaller print and product range)

Spreadshirt Logo

Spreadshirt are famous for their t-shirts with individual prints and also offer a wide range of print-on-demand merchandise, such as mugs, etc. – They now also offer stickers ;)

I use them to put my designs on eco-standard shirts, tote bags, stickers and more. They currently do not offer art prints. – Drop me a line if there is a design of mine that you would like to see on a particular product!

Spreadshirt is based in Germany, shipments to Germany and Europe work really well. – They also have international Spreadshirt sites, do check if my design & product is also available in your country, it will cut out costs for customs and shipment.

These are examples of my illustration and art that you can get as art prints or printed on products:

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