Last week, I drew a bunch of little coin people for the new self-development online course that we will be running this summer over at Conscious U* – the course is called CU*money and it is about our projections around money and how they influence us and our lives.

Drawing the little coin people (which you can watch me doing here) had me think about my own money stories and how they had popped up so strongly recently.

CU*money – Everything is influenced by money

We all have money stories, individually and collectively

Money makes the world go round.

Money is the root of all evil.

It’s all about money.

Nothing works without money

Money is dirty.

Money is freedom.

They are our narratives around the nature of money and usually are binary in that money is either the root of happiness or the cause of all evil. Our money stories go deep into our belief systems and influence our individual ideas of success, happiness, self-worth and a well-lived life.

When I met some of my demons just a few months ago, during the first wave of the pandemic, many of the things I was ashamed about (having lost all my client work, not being able to financially contribute to our family, not fully loving what I do) were connected to money. I was a) connecting my self-worth with the amount of money I was earning and b) not allowing myself to do what I love because my pottering around and playing does not generate money.

CU*money experience


In a conversation I had with my close friend and business partner Nadjeschda Taranczewski during that time, we spoke about my money stories and how they had been unhelpful for a long time already and how the pandemic just really shone a spotlight on them. Now, to my luck, Nadja happens to professionally work with people and their money stories in her executive and life coaching practice. Many years ago, she was introduced to ‘moneywork’ by her mentor Peter König and since then she is hooked. Through Peter she learned how deep our projections around money go and how they consciously and subconsciously running our lives and determining our levels of happiness.

It wasn’t the first time Nadja and I spoke about money stories and projections around money, but as it sometimes goes (and often in a crisis) there is a moment where we suddenly really hear something and where it sinks in and causes a ripple of change. – I realised that if I was ‘all about process’, helping people to step into and through the unknown, supporting them in letting go of expectations about outcome and success in order to unleash real creativity, I myself of course had to practice what I preach.

Questions around money

Questions around money

So I started asking myself interesting questions around money, work and my desire to play:

  • Can I play if it doesn’t make money?
  • How much worth is my work if I don’t get paid?
  • How much am I worth when I don’t earn money?
  • Can I enjoy the process and step into the unknown without any guaranties for future earning or success?
  • If I look back one day and there is no money or success that came out of what I did – what would I love to have done?

These are just some of the questions that I asked myself and journaled about and that helped me loosen up around my money stories.

This process is still ongoing but it already has led to me starting this blog, sharing videos on Youtube that show my more free and non-directional work. I am experiencing a large sense of freedom since I feel the link between money and me creating and playing being loosened a bit.


Over to you

Now, I wonder: Does this resonate with you? Could you see yourself in this too? What would you do and create, who would you be if your doing, creating and being was unlinked from money?

If you are interesting in exploring this, do have a look at what we do over at Conscious U*:

Peter Koenig

In June and July 2020 we ran two online events on moneywork, one with Peter Koenig where he spoke about money, moneywork, projections on money and doing one’s life’s work. You can find it here.

Rivka Halbershtadt

The other online event on money was with Rivka Halbershtadt and explored how beliefs around money are represented in our body and how we can move and change these beliefs by noticing and moving our bodies. Have a look at it here.

Money Zen

Here you can watch me draw the CU*money people for our website and online course and listen to me talk a bit about my own moneywork:

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