Today I did something that is new for me… instead of overthinking things, I started my webcam and recorded my first Vlog entry. Oops.

Okay, granted. It didn’t happen completely spontaneously and out of the blue. A lot of things were in place (some of them for years): a webcam, a microphone, video editing software, a YouTube account waiting to be filled with content. And over the years I also acquired some skills that made it possible to simply record and post a video, like being able to make hand-drawn logos or have a filled visual notebook. It still required a spontaneous jump this morning. A jump that felt like I was finally jumping off a small cliff that had been staring at me from the side for years, if not decades.

I see sooo many flaws in the video, of course… I speak very slowly, the point of the video is unclear… I am a bit embarrassed by that. But this feeling of embarrassment is only one facet of what I perceive. I also notice that I don’t care too much about production issues like bad lighting or poor sound. And – surprise – showing a page from my notebook/sketchbook feels fine too!

And what I also perceive in me is…

  • a playful energy,
  • a sense of being onto something,
  • a feeling of being very much ‘me’ in these crazy, undefined times.


What if… I dared to tune into my child mind more often and followed its wisdom?

What if… I became faster at doing and sharing before knowing and understanding?

What if… I started with simply noticing how it feels to do and share?

So here is my first Vlog on YouTube: